Darkside Lament: An Original Composition

The below track is one that I wrote sometime ago now but I wanted to share it here as it is an interesting one for me.

I was inspired to write it after finishing an excellent Star Wars novel called Darth Plagueis written by James Luceno. The book is set before the events of episode one and charts the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine and his training in the Dark Side of the Force. The novel is a dark tale and shows the depths that both Plagueis and Palpatine explored the Dark Side.

There is a scene in the novel at the end when Palpatine murders his master, as is the way of the Sith and the stands and looks out over the Coruscant skyline savouring his victory. This track was inspired by that moment in the novel.

Hope you enjoy it, oh and the gong halfway through was an inspirational idea from my Dad.

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