It’s been a long time…

So I’ll just come out and admit, I’ve been lazy and haven’t written on here in ages and if I’m honest I feel pretty bad about it.

Having said that I haven’t been totally idle, I’ve been writing new music, visiting Japan, buying a new car, visiting friends and family and generally living life. I’m actually sat writing this post in my fiancées mums living room in a small village in Slovakia, the sun is shining and I can smell some wonderful Slovakian baking wafting in which is starting to make me hungry.

I’m not really sure why I stopped writing , I think it’s a combination of things, firstly I put a few shackles on myself about what I should and shouldn’t write about on here, second I never made the time to write. To say I didn’t have the time to write would be a lie, if you want to do something you make the time, which begs the question do I want write a blog?

It’s a question that I would imagine a lot of bloggers have at some point have asked themselves, well actually I know it is. I work in affiliate marketing and I have spent a lot of time working with bloggers and it’s crazy the amount I come across people with great intentions like myself of writing regularly and building up an audience and then letting life get in the way.

So after a particularly long train ride from Prague to Slovakia I had a good amount of time to mull over what I want to do with this blog while listening Richard Ashcroft’s album Keys To The World and Richard Marx’s Rush Street.

I’ve decided that I do want to continue writing my blog and while I will keep many of my posts around a musical theme I’m no longer going to self impose any rules that actually in hindsight actually dampen the creative spirit and restrain it.

I’m not going to say I’ll be here weekly or daily but I will try to be here at least once per month, I don’t think that’s to much time to ask of myself. After all we all have the Keys To The World.


Song: by Richard Ashcroft

Released through Parlophone


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