Hardwired… to Self -Destruct

It’s here, finally after 8 long years! Metallica have released their new album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct. Is it worth the 8 year wait?

Of course it was! 🙂 I’m still getting into all the tracks but I will be writing a full review this weekend as well as the rest of the Transformers soundtrack review I promised. Once again life has got in the way and with a promotion at work and lots of other stuff this has taken a back seat. I make no apologies for it though, life is busy but it’s good 🙂

For now though I leave you with a few videos from the new album, the lads did something I think is pretty cool, they released a video for every track.

Anyway here is the videos for a couple of my faves so far, the mighty Halo On Fire which is a masterpiece and the fantastic tribute to the legend that is Lemmy, Murder One. Enjoy! Review to come soon… I promise!

Halo On Fire by Metallica (2016)

Directed by Herring & Herring

Murder One by Metallica (2016)

Directed by Robert Valley

Oh go on then 🙂 here’s another for the monster tune Spit Out The Bone!

Spit Out The Bone (2016)

Directed by Phil Mucci

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