Music for different times of the year

Spring has most definitely sprung, it’s 21 degrees in London today and tomorrow should be even hotter.

It’s been pretty good weather all week to be honest, not to hot but the sun has been shining, and that’s when I noticed something. I have noticed it in previous years but this year I’d like to share with people what happens when the sun starts shining and see if they have the same experience.

So here it is, as soon as that big yellow ball shows it’s face my music taste changes, I’m not saying what I like changes but what I listen to on a regular basis does. For example every year around now I always go on a massive Oasis binge, and in particular those songs with Noel singing. It’s crazy but it always feels like Noels voice goes with sunshine like Port with Cheese.

But it isn’t just Oasis, I start to listen to more bands in general and two others that have been heavy on the playlist are U2 (love them don’t like Bono) and Pink Floyd, particularly Animals (Dogs is 17 minutes of pure genius).

It seems that from mid September I go into my soundtrack phase where regular players are Harry Potter soundtracks, Star Wars soundtracks and the Lord of the Rings. I do still listen to bands but they do take a back seat to messer’s, Williams, Shore, Zimmer and Giacchino et al.

Every year I notice this shift from Autumn and Winter to Spring and Summer and I was wondering if anyone else experienced the same thing?

Currently got the Masterplan by Oasis on, crazy that an album of B Sides is better than most artists albums!

Happy listening everyone.

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