Great video for all you guitar Nerds

This morning I watched a great short video produced by called “Welcome To Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa’s Museum and Vintage Guitar Collection”. It’s a fantastic film and while only 25 mins long, gives a little insight into the massive collection of gear Joe has built up over the years, especially Fender and Gibson (the Ragin’ Cajun ’55 Gold Top Les Paul is a dream).

I’ve been a fan of Joe since my Dad introduced me to him a few years back, and I now have a substantial amount of his back catalog. Incidentally, my favourite Joe album is the double one Live from the Royal Albert Hall, a smashing record that features hits like The Ballard Of John Henry, Sloe Gin and Story Of A Quarryman. There is also a guest appearance from Eric Clapton on Further On Up The Road and Paul Jones on Your Funeral My Trial, though my highlight is the awesome cover of Stop! originally sung by Sam Brown. The band on that album is ace too with a double drum hit from Anton Fig and Bogie Bowles.

Anyway back to the video, like I say it’s a short one but it’s great to see Joe talk about his guitars and going on guitar safari, the story about his ’58 Korina Flying V is particularly cool. The man clearly bleeds guitar, which I personally find inspiring and to see all that gear in the hands of a man that not only knows how to play (massive understatement there) but is also so passionate, is for me strangely reassuring. At least these pieces of history are going to be well looked after.

Anyway enough chit chat, the video is below and there is a link to the aforementioned live album too for your listening pleasure!

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