Riff Master…

Had to get a post out about this. I’m currently sat in my fiancees mums living room in Slovakia, chilling out watching some Metallica YouTube videos as you do. And I come across a video, a video that blew me away. It’s Metallica live in Oakland CA in 2016 playing Creeping Death and Blackened, Creeping death rocks as always it’s a beast of a track. But the way James drops into Blackened and just lets rip, is something else.

We all know I’m a huge Metallica fan, but I’m also a guitarist and Blackened for me personally has always been a bastard of a riff to play, and they way he makes it look so simple just blows me away.

So much skill, so much power and they all look like their having a blast, which is what music is all about 🙂 Enjoy the whole video or skip on to 6 minutes 5 seconds to watch a master at work.

Metallica Live n Oakland CA 2016 – Creeping Death and Blackened

Featured Image from: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7808719/metallica-james-hetfield-chris-cornell-death-video

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