Metallica: S&M

It's been a while since my last post, mainly due to the fact I have been super busy visiting family, going for a weekend away in Gdansk Poland and just get back into a song writing groove. I wanted to drop a quick post about my favourite albums of all time though, which is Metallica's... Continue Reading →

RAW: By Rasharn Powell

New music alert! I had the pleasure of recording Rasharn last year for series two of the #The GarageDoor and since then we've kept in touch. Just before Christmas he asked me if I would like to recorded him again, this time for a live acoustic EP he wanted to release and I jumped at... Continue Reading →

New Track: Progress

So this is a brand new track that I finished last night after a good few months of doing a bit and coming back to it. I don't really know what genre it sits in to be honest but it's synth heavy with orchestral instruments weaving in and out. It's not really a soundtrack piece... Continue Reading →

Film Music: My Story

I'm a huge film score fan, and since my mid teens I have been continually seeking out the composers who have written the music for my favourite films and TV shows. My interest in film music started back when I was doing my GCSE in music, and we had to write an essay on the... Continue Reading →

Metallica: St Anger and final acceptance

Aah St Anger, an album that divided Metal fans like no other. An album that sparked¬†debate and provoked very strong opinions. It's an album that has spawned hundreds of articles debating it's merits and its foibles. Here though is my personal experience of this most polarising of metal albums. Released way back in 2003 (is... Continue Reading →

#TheGarageDoor Series 1

The below image encapsulates everything #TheGarageDoor was mean't to be about and why we all got involved. So to begin, #TheGarageDoor was a two series¬†music show¬†for up and coming UK music artists with a particular focus on the London Music scene. Series 1¬†was filmed at the tail end of 2013 and the first half of... Continue Reading →

Let Me Make You Smile

So this one started of with that brilliant arpeggiated synth line. Sometimes you just hear a sound and it's inspires you to make something more of it, goading you into stopping what you were doing and accepting the challenge. I was actually working on another track that has been on the go for a few... Continue Reading →

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